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Why Bob Forrest Loans

 A Perfect Blend of the Old and New

For decades, Bob Forrest Loans and Investments has helped people in Southern Oregon, and throughout the country. 
        Did you know that most Oregonians go to mortgage brokers like Bob Forrest for their real estate loans? Oregonians are independent and savvy people. A bank or mortgage lender is just one lender. But we are brokers,

        Our computer matching system uses our unique, state-of-the-art, copyrighted software. It features a database of lenders, including private investors in our region. 

        And since 1976, Bob Forrest has been forming business relations of integrity and trust on a personal level. Bob works to find a way to complete your loan, and make all parties happy with the results!

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Our Message

We are the money people who care more about people than money. We want to provide maximum service to all our clients. We receive many referrals from satisfied customers and the Real Estate community.  Our business is strong enough to flourish over the passing years because we build on a foundation of concern, dedication, honesty and trust. 

        Bob Forrest has been in business in Southern Oregon for many years.


A Socially Conscious Company

        We work for our customers, and we also work for a better world. 

        We believe in the equality of all people, and we put that belief into practice in our relations with you.

        We help the environment with our recycling program.

Some individual actions of note:

Bob Forrest launched a grassroots project in the 1990's to encourage reform in Russia and to help Gorbachev. He has been active in multiple environmental activities which encourage others to improve our world.


NMLS 225941

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