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Loan Process

Here are the steps of the process

        1. See how much you can borrow, and pre-qualify for your loan.

        2. Your loan officer contacts you promptly at the time you've indicated, and begins looking for the loan that best meets your special needs. Sometimes the best loan for you means the lowest interest rate, but often there are other factors. A higher rate can get you a lower monthly payment. There are advantages and disadvantages to larger or smaller down payments, fixed rates with balloon payments.

We walk you through all the options. Your loan officer pilots your application through the process, ordering the property appraisal when needed, and so on. You'll always be in ready communication.

        3. Yes! When your loan is approved: We'll do all the coordinating to close your loan fast, and you'll sign the final papers at the escrow office.

        We will assist you in getting competitive market rates. Lower rates can save you thousands of dollars over the years. We have no upfront fees.  Make sure you're pre-qualified for your loan as soon as possible. We offer pre-qualification letters for your Realtor. In purchasing, your being pre-qualified can influence sellers to accept your offer over others. We'll update you frequently about the progress of your loan. And you can always phone or e-mail your loan officer. You'll be happy with the speed, resourcefulness and caring quality of our work.

Our Guarantee: We'll offer your loan to more lender and investor sources than anyone else! We have many loan sources.

NMLS 225941

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