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Delta Waters Road at Crater Lake Highway the best location in Medford!

                                                     Over $102,933,829 Loans Closed                                                         

In Business Since 1976

RV Parks ● Residential ● Bare Land ● Ranches

Refinance ● Mobile Homes ● Notes Purchased

Construction ● Commercial

Private Money Loans

Hard Money Loans

Mortgage Loans - Real Estate Loans

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Dry Lips?

Dry Lips
Dry Lips

Dry Lips?

“In 2017 Bob Forrest Loans saved our house from foreclosure even though the process took 11 months to complete and was completed on the day before the date of the foreclosure sale!”    

- Name on file


“ Bob Forrest completed our loan in 2016 although I couldn’t qualify for a bank loan.”   

- Name on file


“Bob Forrest helped me get a loan of $100,000 in a few days, using the equity in my house,

so I was able to take advantage of a business opportunity!”

- Name on file

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1951 Delta Waters Road Ste 103
Medford, OR 97504

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Bob Forrest NMLS 225941

Phone numbers:

Office (541) 779-3659 
Cellular (541) 944-3510

In US 1-800-288-3659


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NMLS 225941

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